Terra Chã Dupla Insularidade [ZABRA001]

It would be difficult to think of the possibility of a moving land, on a stone raft, like portuguese writer José Saramago would call it, overcoming inertia states. But it is between an ocean and a secluded rhytmic atmosphere that 'Terra Chã' takes place, on their debut EP called "Dupla Insularidade". First ever release by Zabra Records label. United by Music, Fabrizio Reinolds and Ricardo Fialho share an island as well: an island where the longitude bisection reveals a new method of space and time sculpting, in a triptych: Macaronésia, Travessa and Encumeada. Those not only resemble textures or places, they also incite a cascade of rare flavours that defy us to wander through other ways of expression.

Produced: Fabrizio Reinolds e Ricardo Fialho.
Mastered: Ricardo Fialho.
Artwork & design: João Pedro Fonseca.

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