Emotions and experiences mapped into an unconscious journal of inner dialogues. A deliberate rejection of concept or commentary. Impressions processed into sound without being reduced to concrete meaning, inviting intuitive connection.

ZABRA014 ︎︎︎ 26th MARCH

Cares is the moniker of Toronto based musician and producer James Beardmore. His approach to electronic music is informed by a multidisciplinary background in visual art, experimental improvisation, and playing in punk bands as a teenager in the UK. He uses a combination of hardware electronics, software synthesis, samples, and field recordings as interchangeable sound design elements.

The recorded output uses fragmented ambient, club, and industrial textures as unconscious and subjective interpretations of reality, to provide points of emotional connection. Through previous releases on DISPLAY, & Options, and No Exist, along with numerous live performances, his sound has evolved into explorations of overload and complexity.

With close involvement in the underground and experimental music communities in Canada, Cares has performed and recorded in collaborations with classical musicians, grindcore bands, filmmakers, and visual artists; as well as directly organizing live experimental music events. He has been billed with acts ranging from experimental pioneers to the contemporary vanguard, Suzanne Ciani, Iceage, E-Saggila, Lee Ranaldo, Dreamcrusher, Rabit, Act!/Egyprixx, and Alex Zhang Hungtai. As well as occasionally damaging basement sound systems.

Cares is part of the global art and music collective No Exist alongside Ylang Ylang, Così e Così, and Okay Vivian.

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